A trick for ledger lines to improve note spacing or tightness (+ small feature request)

In passages with centered beams or cross staff beams in piano music, the note spacing on the other staff can become very distorted, and with the extra width that ledger lines add to a note, this problem can even increase. this setting in Engraving options gave me the idea to manually use the value for ‘ledger lines protrude beyond noteheads in runs of short notes’ (1/5 space) also in these situations between two notes, instead of the default value of 2/5 space. It makes more of a difference than you might think. (In addition, of course, you should also manually adjust the note spacing, as I did in the example below too).


With adjusted note spacing and ledger lines length:

This could maybe be made a bit more easy if Dorico has an extra property for notes: ‘use shortened ledger lines’, with 3 values: ‘off’, ‘left side only’, and ‘right side only’. Then you don’t have to look up and hardcode the exact length value in the document any more.

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