A use for Layout Panel

I am a solo guitarist. I keep my sheet music in a 3-ring binder. I like to keep the sheet music from stretching out to too many pages because I can’t afford a page-turner to be on call day and night.
I can create different Layouts by simply setting the note sizes bigger or smaller from one Layout to the next. Say I want three different note sizes: big for when the piece is short and it will fit easily on two pages, medium for a longer piece that may run over to a third page with big notes, and small for a long piece that is running over three pages. I find that a change of one size can make quite a difference. Why not all small sizes, you say? Because my eyes get tired.
Naturally my page Layouts may need to change from one Flow to the next if I am playing a suite, which is common. Do I have to create a different “Player” for each kind of Layout? Or do I have to do some other trick thing like that? That is, I’m not seeing where I can simply tell a Flow to use my Layout 1 and another to use Layout 2.

Add a system break where you want to change the staff size, then set the size in the properties panel.

You can do this anywhere in the score, not just at the start of a new flow.

An alternative is to change the note spacing, if a piece will “almost” fit on two pages but not quite. Add a Note Spacing Change in Engrave mode and change the spacing value. Unless your music has lots of 16th notes, the default of 4 is quite “wide” - try 3.5 or even 3 instead.

Put a system break or frame break wherever you like (including at the very start of a flow), then adjust its Space Size property.

If you’re talking about Note Spacing, go Engrave > Note Spacing Change and adjust their Note Spacing from any point onwards.

Good. It can take a long time to figure out what works best. Thanks for saving me a bunch of trial and error time that I don’t have.