A useful technique for Control Room!

Someone asked me about this in another thread but seeing as it’s a bit OT, I’m posting it here instead:

Here’s a technique in Control Room I’ve found very useful. It enables you to listen to reference tracks in your session without them having to pass through any master bus processing that you may have. Great for doing instant A/B comparisons while you are working on a mix.

In my default session template, I have 4 audio tracks called Ref 1-4. They are routed to No Bus. I use the Cue Sends to send each Ref track to a different Cue mix. I have EuCon key commands on an Avid S3 controller assigned to select the Control Room Source (i.e. what is coming out of my speakers) -one key for each of the 4 Cue mixes and a 5th key to select the main Mix (the Stereo Out of the session I’m working on). This lets me instantly switch between the session I’m working on and any of the 4 ref tracks (which will not be affected by any master bus processing).

If you don’t have a DAW controller then you will have to use the key command: ‘Select Control Room Source’. The downside is that you cannot individually select the 4 different Cue mixes. The key command will simply cycle through the 4 cues one at a time with each key stroke. Of course you can also use your mouse to click on any of the Control Room sources if you prefer.

Hi you, great idea - i did not find out a simpler way to do this!

Many, many thanks. Very practical and straight-forward!


The simple way without any controller is to have references routed to ‘no bus’ and just click the Listen button.

The listen dim level needs to be fully down of course which anyway happens to meet my way of using it mostly.

Oh cool!

I was thinking about this just yesterday… a couple of nice, simple and quite elegant suggestions here :smiley:
Cheers guys!

A very nice technique!

I also recommend using Melda MCompare. It enables A/ B references, not just with a reference track but also within the mix (pre-post comp our EQ, e.g.). The best part is EBU level-matching. I dropped $50 on it and never looked back.