A very silly request

By far my favourite little update was when you included the option to turn off “Play notes during input and selection”. This is something I also had turned off in that previous notation software I used that I have now forgotten… :smiley: The reason is because when one is deep in meditation/inspiration mode writing delicate, quite little passages and then you click on a note it goes BANG! I would however, prefer to have it on…

Anyway, my silly little request and please put it very low down the priority list, would be to be able to tell Dorico what velocity to use when clicking on a note or chord. What seems most appropriate for me would be somewhere between mp or mf, thus giving me plenty of leeway in terms of dynamic. I would also be less put off when writing soft pianissimo passages if I heard a mf note than a fff

Thank you!

Dear Bollen,
This is not silly at all, it’s not the first time I read it in the forum and I second this!

Yoo hoo!!!

I always thought it would be nice if playback of the note respected the current dynamic and its articulation(s).

That’s an even a better idea!

Well, in the meantime, don’t forget the mute button. Works like a charm every time.

No that’s no good because I’m using the sound of my MIDI keyboard to write… As is, with the “play note on selection” turned off is perfectly fine, hence the title silly request, because it’s such a minor, minor thing… But since we’re encouraged to ask for things, why not right?

I see now. I somehow misread your op. I don’t know what I was thinking. :man_facepalming:t2:

Not silly at all. I’ve only been using Dorico a few days but this is pretty high on my “wish it would do” list.