A Video | How to Insert Midi Parts(notes) with a Key Command or Metagrid!


I made a video on how to insert midi parts with a key command all within Cubase! No 3rd party programs needed. Maybe Steinberg could add this functionality somehow in the future :slight_smile:

Insert Midi Part With A Key Command Cubase - YouTube

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this Iā€™m all ears!


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Hi there and welcome to the forums!

Out of curiosity, what functionality are you hoping Steinberg would add to Cubase given that you already did this within Cubase only. Makes me think the functionality is already there, no?

Hey Thanks!,

It technically is, but it would be nice have say these midi parts stored in the media bay, but be allowed to assign key commands to insert media bay items. Not have to create folders and switch on/off track selection follows event selection. Would be nice if Cubase could more natively go and retrieve the part and come back to the location you were at. But this method certainly works for now!

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