A Video | How to Start and Stop Recording with a Midi Footswitch


This one is huge for recording instruments by yourself and probably drummers. Using Cubase Midi Remote and the Project Logical Editor along with Punch In/Out Recording, You can Start and Stop recording with the same command and even add automatic fades to each take!

Stop Start Recording With A Midi Footswitch | Cubase - YouTube



Congrats on starting your tutorial videos. Can’t really see much – does the viewport really need to be so big?

Thanks Steve! Yeah it’s always a toss up with recording a 4K screen and then crunching to 1080p for youtube. But played in high quality you can screen shot the PLE commands and zoom in. I wonder if there’s some fancy way with OBS to zoom to the window?

Maybe just record a portion of the screen? Fully zoomed in on my 2560x1440 display at 100% the text of the PLEs and other dialogs are effectively illegible. (sorry)

sorry, what are you saying?

That’s the PLE screenshot for the youtube video. You would just create that save it as a preset and then trigger it with the cubase midi remote.

I’m not watching your video to learn how to use Cubase, just letting you know that the graphic of the PLE is not really legible in the vid, and also above. Since you are just starting out with tutorials, it seemed pertinent. The resolution is too low to be comfortably read.

Also btw, PLE and LE preset files can be shared.

okay thanks no worries