A VST Transit error for Steinberg to look at

I upgraded my Cubase 11 pro license to 12.
I then tested to see if I save a project in 12 whether it would open back up in Cubase Elements 11… a simple project with just a few audio files. Yes it did.

But when I went to start up Cubase Elements 11, I got this error that I’ve never seen before

Note, the program opened fine despite it warning me it might not…, and the project opened fine (the one I saved in 12)… and it played back fine.

So this is just some weird VST Transit licensing error for the Steinberg developers to study.

Changing the category of this post from Cubase to VST Transit seems inaccurate to me… as this is a licensing error caused by the installation of Cubase 12… it has nothing to do with the functionality or use of VST Transit.

The actual developers of VST transit will see this. They are here here every day, and can file their own bug report. I can pretty much guarantee that Steinberg will see it this way.

ok, great. thanks.

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When I updated Pro to 12, my Elements 11 wouldn’t start.
The cause was the same, but the error message looked different.
I removed vst transit from the components folder and Elements 11 started right up.

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