A way to extend the end or beginning of an event to the cursor?

I’ve been back on PT for a specific project in order to be totally compatible with the other composer, and I’m seeing things that I miss that made editing more fluid. :slight_smile: Another one is the ability to extend the beginning or end of an event to the cursor. I’m not talking about moving the event, I’m talking about extending the beginning to end of an event (be it MIDI or audio) to the cursor. Very useful function that speeds up editing – I’m sure it’s in Cubase somewhere, just not sure where. Or if it isn’t, maybe I can make a macro or PLE situation to do it.


I don’t think this is part of Cubase. You can move locators to the cursor, cursor to the locators, but not start/end of the selected MIDI/Audio Part.

Please send it to the Feature Request thread.

One thing that could get you at least part of the way there is to set your Snap Type to Cursor (or some of the other options that includes Cursor). Then of course you still have to use the mouse to drag your event start to the cursor.

It MAY be possible to come up with a macro to do this but I would need to have a good think about that one. Probably something involving ‘Nudge Start Left’ and ‘Split At Cursor’ would be where I would begin thinking!

Well here’s a first attempt at a macro (see attached picture).

It works but with the following issues:

  1. It will only extend the start of your part by your selected Grid Type (maximum one bar). If the cursor is more than one bar away, you will need to reselect the part and retrigger the macro. Obviously not ideal but maybe this can be improved upon with some thought.

  2. If you have ‘AUTOMATION FOLLOWS EVENTS’ enabled, this macro can mess up your automation. I guess you could add a line in the macro to disable ‘AUTOMATION FOLLOWS EVENTS’.

In fact… problem 3 -a big one. lol:

If your selected part is not in the one bar range, it will split any other events that are at the cursor position. That’s a bit of a show stopper admittedly! :slight_smile:

Reviving this thread because I desperately want this highly useful feature. Anyone have any ideas for a macro or PLE thing? I’m not so good with those.


Linked post.

Set the snap to snap to the cursor and drag the start or end of the event to the cursor.

A good workaround, indeed, until we get a single key that does it with just one command/key press.