a way to generate file name according to Audio track name ?

i have few projects of client sent me audio files only with numbers… 01 02 etc… i listen to them and gave names to the audio tracks in cubase/nuendo.
is it possible with PLE or Macro to rename the audio files of the track to track name with one go ? (every audio track has only one event(file) on it.
EDIT: to change the actual file name not only the description in cubase


You can’t change the audio file name. Do you mean the name of the Audio Event/Part? I’m afraid this is not possible.

It’s not very instant, but you can achieve this by exporting the tracks, then reimporting them to the project and replacing the original files.

When you export the individual tracks, you will need to route mono tracks to a mono output bus. You can set naming rules in the export dialogue.

yes the file name(mainly for archiving purposes and reusing with correct names)

i thought about too.didnt want to mess with exporting ’ i thought maybe its possible in more simple way.
its better to rename the files first and then import to cubase i guess next time

You CAN change file names, but only one at a time.

  1. Select the audio event you wish to rename.
  2. In the Info Line for the event (you may need to turn this on in order to see it) type in whatever name makes sense to you.
  3. Cubase will change the name shown on the event to retain the old name, appending the new name in parenthesis, but will rename the actual file on the hard drive to the new name.

I hope this helps.

thanks’ i know about it too.the thing is sometimes there are files having only 10 sec actual recorded sound on 5 min song file,'so its hard to find what instrument is playing there in media player cuz there is no waveform visual, so maybe there is the opposite approach from what i did ?
importing the files to cubase ,rename the files trough the info line in cubase,and then have a macro or PLE to rename the audio tracks name according to the file name ? the thing is to not retype the names twice,one for the files and one for the audio track names.think of 50 tracks or more :nerd:

Another chance is naming the channels, select all, bounce. All bounces will get their channels names (though it doesn’t seem like as the description got a little cheeky within the latest Cubase versions).

Of course you’ll have twice the files, to be trashed via the pool (delete, not remove).

thats what ill do for now, hope its not degrade the audio quality in any way when bouncing (or exporting)

thats what ill do for now, hope its not degrade the audio quality in any way when bouncing (or exporting)

No, audio quality of course is 1:1 on bouncing. On exporting as well, as long as you keep the channels completely neutral (reset whole mixer before). The advantage of bouncing is that the file format is preserved (just in case you have a mix of mono, stereo or even multichannel files) while on export everything is either/or if you do it in one go.

Yep… I did bounce in one go after renaming and cleaned the pool fron unused files.i did it in nuendo 8 actually, and I used the split file/track function on the project menu to split some stereo tracks,cubase should have this too not only from pool.