A way to hide a bunch of notes without loosing sound

Dear advanced users,

Is there a way to hide a bunch of notes without loosing sound?

For example, I want to use a sound of hitting the frame of bass drum (so called “on the rim”), but I do not have the sound in my instrument library.
So I would like to use the sound of snare drum with “snare off” option.
To do it, I should do the followings:

  1. I need to notate the same rhythms on the both staves.
  2. The notes on the bass drum staff should be muted
  3. The notes on the snare drum should be hidden.

I could hide the noteheads by adjusting the “Opacity”, and could hide stems and beams by checking “Hide stem”.
However, I could not find how to hide the dots.

Is there a way to do it?’

Thanks in advance!

It might be easier to add a separate snare stave, then use Staff Visibility (from a System or Frame Break) to hide that entire stave.
If these instruments are in a kit, showing as a single five line stave, it may be easier to add another snare instrument on the bass drum space/line.

Leo, do expression maps allow for changing the sound slot (MIDI channel) on, say, the HALion player? I admit I have not done much work in this area yet. If so, that might be an alternative to the kit idea (which occurred to me too) if prko were using a single-line staff.

I’m afraid Expression Maps (and Percussion Maps) are my blind spot. To the best of my knowledge, the answer to your question is “no”, but my knowledge is limited here.

Thank you for your suggestions!

I could find “Staff Visibility” from the staff by clicking a staff with right mouse button. I think, I cannot hide the snare drum inside a Percussion player, but I can hide a player. Am I right?

I also have tried to use “Expression map”. Usually I use NotePerformer, and I should change it shortly to Kontakt through “Playing techniques”, but I could not find how to change the VST instrument by using “Expression Maps”. Is there a way to do it?

For pitched instruments you can make Dorico switch to a different VST instrument by using independent voice playback in Play mode, and using a separate voice for the passages you want to be played by a different instrument. This won’t work for percussion instruments in a kit, however, because you can’t create arbitrary voices in percussion kits.

Thank you very much!
Have a nice Sunday!

Yes! I’m not well versed in this either, but I’ve done it. Let’s say I have an Alto Sax doubling on Flute. I will set up my VST player (or HALion) to have a flute sound in the channel after the alto, then I create a Playing Technique called “Flute.” In my Expression Map that this player is using, I can add a switch to the “Flute” Playing Technique to either an absolute or relative channel change action to change the channel. If I have 2 players with this doubling I can use relative, but absolute obviously will work. If a player doubles on Alto, Flute, and Picc then I can’t really use relative, but have to use absolute. It does work though!

(BTW, this was part of an experiment to try to figure out how to have Dorico display an instrument change at the entry, rather than at the “to” as it usually does when adding an instrument to a player.)