a way to know what midi tracks uses Instrument track Vsti ?

whats the best way to list and know which midi tracks uses which instrument tracks(preferably from project window and not the rack(F11) ).(some command to reveal which midi tracks uses chosen instrument track)
im getting lost sometimes and deleting or making changes to an instrument track which i think is not assigned to any midi track.
not all my midi track necessarily connected under instrument track they belong to.( i arrange my tracks by sound/instrument name or instrument groups… drums/brasses etc…)
new instrument track still confuse me also in output assignments and naming…

Yes, this is a good question…why do they separate, why don’t they insert under the track?

ok, i found a way to show the midi tracks connected to instrument track" in the rack on instrument track,where the input arrow there is a menu “select input” or “select all inputs” if connected to more than one midi track"
i couldn’t find similar way in instrument track in the project, or a key command for that.

also the naming is confusing, if i have HSSE as instrument track and i name it bass ,then add other instruments to it , it shows the name “bass” for the Vsti in the instrument rack and in the project Midi/Vsti list. could be more convenient to name the instrument track freely and the Vsti with another name.