A way to link selected tracks in the arrangement page?

So I don’t mean group track parts (ctrl G) but like in the mixer where you can link selected channels, particularly in terms of volume and solo/mute. I have a pretty big template and trying to track down the selected channels in the mixer can be tedious.

Is there any assignable key command to be able to do this from the arrangement page, after simply selecting the tracks I want to link? This would be far quicker and more intuitive to my workflow. I found a ‘Link Channels’ key command option but it doesn’t seem to do anything after assigning a key to it.

The closest thing is a a right click and in the context menu 'move selected tracks to new folder; which allows for solo/mute control, but that’s not quite what I’m looking for, as I’d prefer to temporarily do this on and off, rather than add and remove stuff from folder all the time.

A little macro like this one could help, maybe :

Mixer>Link channels

There are two issues, though :

  • You’ll have to deal with the Link channel settings dialog, anyway.
  • there is no direct indication that the selected channels are linked in the arrange page, even if they actually are.

Some room for a feature request, here…

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Thanks! Yes, that’ll do it. I suppose it’s best to have that dialogue anyway for control - still quicker than browsing the mixer. Agree, I think this’d be a handy feature, with some sort of visual representation on the tracks to indicate the status in the arrangement page. I tend to do most of my mix adjustments with automation on the arrangement page, and dealing with inserts and sends etc from the track inspector. I barely use the mix console anymore.

Been working in Ableton a bit lately and the track grouping/linking is far more immediate and simplified in this regard.

EDIT: Can also do this by having the mixer in the lower zone, selecting tracks and clicking on Q-Link. But I dont use the lower zone much because of screen real estate. Would be nice to have a q link button somewhere on the main arrange toolbar.

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