A way to make complete different arrange instead of per track?

Hi, is there a way to make a complete different arrange instead of doing per track? Right now im jaleos of FL hehe they have implemented an option to make arrange 1, arrange 2, and so on, I think can be very useful when you wanna change a big part of the arrange instead of only one track with “new version” option

for example you have 120 tracks and you want to change the arrange to 80 tracks than are part of the climax or maybe the end of the track or even to the 120 tracks, by doing “new version” one by one, can be really tedious, an option to permit a change of the whole page, could be really useful

if there is a way already, please let me know!

thanks in advance

You want to explore using the Arranger Track

Yes the Arranger Track is what you want to explore.
I would recommend downloading the Cubase 9.5 Demo Project.
It uses a lot of the Cubase 9.5 features and can be really helpful to mess around with.
I learned more using and changing it than watching videos on the new features in Cubase 9.5
Not that the Arranger Track is new, but many times a overlooked feature.

How can the arranger track help with different versions and number of tracks involved?

Ummmm, by planning ahead so you take those into account when developing your specific workflow.

Different versions of arrangement, sure, that’s nice and all. But reading the original question from nordlead26 he states that “for example you have 120 tracks and you want to change the arrange to 80 tracks” and then the answer is : “use the arranger track”.

Arranger track won’t change your project track count, or does it?

but arrange track as far as I understand, can be used track by track and one by one isn’t ? or this works for the whole arrangement? for change for arrange 1 and arrange 2? Ive used the option of “new version” and this allows me to have different versions but I should select track by track, what Im looking for is to change the whole arrangement without the need of doing “new versions” of each track I want to change, and to change to one arrangement or another with just one click

Yes, the arranger track works for the whole arrangement. What you need to do is to copy and paste your 120 track section to another part of the project, remove the parts you don’t want, and then create two arrangements using the arranger track, one that plays back the 120-track version and one the 80 track version.