A way to MIDI track delay minus 2 seconds?

Does anyone know of a way I could minus delay an entire MIDI track 2 seconds?

(FYI, I’m creating a bunch of a MIDI note triggers for streamers in a synced video feed and would like to simply drop the triggers on the downbeat of the bars and have the video feed read them 2 seconds ahead of time so that the streamer ends on the downbeat).



Use the Track Delay in Milliseconds parameter (bellow the Panner in the Inspector), please.

Is it possible to set the time delay of MIDI tracks greater than 800ms?

Would the offset setting for the MIDI parts be a solution for you? This moves the events within the part, but the parts themselves remain in their original position

Thanks PAT, however, that only minus delays up to ~800ms, I’m looking to minus delay 2000ms (2s).

Exactly - see my question to @Martin.Jirsak above.

Have you looked at the possibility of offsetting the MIDI events within a Part? See my last post.


Oh, you are right, sorry.

Unfortunately this doesn’t allow you to quantise after. You move it destructively.

This isn’t a solution per se, but you can always place things on a dummy track to have the events in place, and then copy them to the track that triggers your streamers, then use a Logical Preset to move it all earlier by two seconds.
I 'm assuming you aren’t using the Video Sync 5 app by Non-Lethal Applications? If the hits are based on timecode numbers, you can enter them in this app and it will offset them for you. In different colors and lengths, even.

There are plugins that can add track delay. One great one I use all the time is TrackControl by DMG Audio (and it’s free)

Thanks for your replies folks!

@dragsquares (cool name hehe!) I am indeed using Video Sync 5, however I need to trigger the events via MIDI from a DAW - Video Sync is on another computer. I

Can just moving the MIDI note back by 2 secs (referencing timecode) from the downbeat it should finish on, but it’s a little cumbersome when trying to get thru multiple cues.

I wonder is the -800ms limit an arbitrary limit or a limitation of MIDI.

Definitely not a limitation of MIDI. Don’t know here the value comes from, but I guess someone just had to set an upper limit, and most of the time there is no need to delay a track by such high values.
Interestingly, the max delay time here with C12 is 906.67 ms.

You can actually further delay the notes with the MIDI modifier inserts, but only for 50ms, so even with all four insert slots used it is “only” 200ms , not enough for you.
And the MIDI delay is of no use either because you cannot set it to 100% wet …

Interestingly, the maximum MIDI delay depends on various audio system settings, including the project’s sample rate and the audio driver’s buffer size.
I was able to set a MIDI delay time of > 1.3 seconds with a sample rate of 11.025 kHz and a buffer size of 2048 samples (UR28M).


That makes sense, as of course the delay compensation in the audio engine works with samples, and just gets converted to milliseconds for the user interface.

Just to clarify, I’m trying to MINUS or PRE (?) delay MIDI, not delay it.

Thanks for the extra info all!

Hope @Steinberg are watching! :slight_smile: