A way to open all plugins by one click?

A way to open all plugins vstis by one key or can we set this key command?

+1. Even with the new vst instrument rack / track, it’s time consuming to hunt for one vst and open it within large commercial projects. So if I could associate a key switch to open a particular vst that would be a significant workflow improvement.

nobody knows?

anhyone knows?

edit instrument is the key command to open up the GUI of an instrument with a shortcut.
You’ll find it under “key commands”.
I use this all the time aand it is a very quick way to control the GUI.
Another good key command for workflow is enable/disable instrument.

This way you can work very quickly, but the focus is always on the armed track.
FWIW, opening all GUI’s at the same time… why would you do such a thing ? This would be very confusing imho ?

And FWIW: make a template with all instruments loaded as instrument tracks (and disabled) and then you’ll never have to search or click trough anything.

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