A way to save/recall send effect setups?

Hi all,
I’m having fun fine-tuning my general template and was wondering if there was an easy way to save/recall send effects configurations in order to apply to tracks quickly?
AFAIC, they aren’t even a part of track presets… :confused:

Thx a bunch,

Saving selected channels through the MixConsole will save send levels from tracks. And you can do the same to save two or more FX Channels.
Exporting/importing track archives might give you all of this at once, but I’ve never played with that feature.

If you’re building a template, the template well remember all routing, including sends.

the console did the trick! “Copy/paste settings” is the word. If only they’d put that into the track window as well, e.g. for right clicking on a track header… :wink:

Thx again!

Great! [emoji106] . I’m always of mixed feelings about how tightly the Arranger window and MixConsole should be integrated. I kind of appreciate how the MC is totally its own beast, like an actual console you’re returning to from your daw almost.
But, then again sometimes it’s infuriating that you can’t duplicate all actions on both, especially since the distinction between the two is becoming smaller and smaller over time.
It’s obvious though, that they are two, separate, beastly blocks of code. I’m sure it’s very difficult to integrate things between the two and have it remain stable!

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