A way to set the default location for File/Open?

Is there a way that you can specify the folder Cubase uses for the command File/Open or Ctrl+O?

I have my Steinberg Hub default Location set to E:\Cubase Projects , where all my projects are stored. It seems logical to think that this would be the default location that Cubase would choose when I click File/Open.

Instead it is going to my Documents folder on my C drive, every time I open a project I have to waste time redirecting to my E drive, then going to the Projects folder, and then finally actually choosing my project.

Please advice.


This is a system window, not internal Cubase window, so I’m afraid, this is nit possible.

Btw: In Nuendo this is possible. In Steinberg Hub, there are Favorite locations instead of Project Templates.

Ok, that makes sense.

It wouldn’t be such an issue if the double clicking of .cpr files actually opened the project consistently, from my experience in 8.5 Pro this has only been working on about 25% of my projects.

But, I see there is already a thread about that issue.