A way to view musicXML exported from Dorico in a web browser?

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The following website allows you to view musicXML files as rendered scores:

I have tested it on my local machine using the debugging build after the following instruction:

By dropping any musicXML file exported from Dorico into the web page running on the local machine, or into the remote online demo web page, I can see the rendered score in any web browser. I tested it with Google Chrome.

Also, I think I can create a library to display any musicXML file exported from Dorico as a score by modifying some files, i.e. the index.html and index.js files in the demo folder.
However, opensheetmusicdisplay needs a server running npm start and requires additional installation to use.

Does anyone know of a way or HTML file template to simply display a musicXML file in a web browser without running a local server? I could not find one using the Google search engine.

That’s a neat site. But if you have Dorico, why not display a PDF instead? Then you get Dorico’s beautiful output.

Actually it depends on what you are trying to do? 5 years ago, I invested no time on the subject, xml, midi player, etc. to put in an html page and play the music to replace a little the old plugin “scorch” and nothing really gave me satisfaction because each project caused problems.
I ended up opting for this solution and to be able to play the music from any measure of the score tactilely, (on other projects I also inserted a small logo which advances in real time or by measure in time actual to indicate measurements.)
Here is an example:

It’s up to you to develop your needs in order to receive advice.
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Wow, your solution is the most elegant I have seen!

Of course, viewing the PDF produced by Dorico is better than musicXML, as @rubberfingers pointed out, but what I need now is direct rendering of musicXML to score in a web browser.

I am writing a library (called Quark), Notator quark, for SuperCollider. SuperCollider is very competitive in algorhythmic composition, but does not have a score display feature. Some users have tried to implement LilyPond syntax to write LilyPond scores in SuperCollider. This is inconvenient. So I have developed a SuperCollider Quark to generate musicXML using the SuperCollider syntax, and the generated musicXML can be automatically opened in Dorico, MuseScore or Finale. Currently a very basic feature, nested tuplets and microtonal accidentals up to the 8th are almost implemented.

Dorico offers the most perfect microtonal notation and playback, as well as nested tuplets. In this respect, Dorico is the best software to open the musicMXL files that my Notator Quark creates for SuperCollider.

Today I suddenly thought that if there was an HTML file that could render musicXML, the user could see the rendered score from musicXML within SuperCollider using WebView (provided by Qt) for a very simple and short musicXML file. I also think this could be used on Android devices. My sudden idea to see the rendered musicXML score in the browser is not absolutely necessary, but can sometimes be useful.

I also found this site:

Users can see the rendered score from the musicXML file on the HTML document stored locally in web browsers without running the server, but this does not display microtonal accidentals…

Sorry, this question is not really related to Dorico, but I thought the many users of this forum might be interested in musicXML…