A2 (A due), A4, etc... and playback?

When 4 horns go from divisi (each one playing a different note) to A4 (unison), I’d like the playback to switch from four “solo horn” patches to one “a4 horns” patch in my sound library.

Is this possible ? Otherwise, what would be the most straightforward workaround ?

I’m not sure how to make this work because in “Play” mode, only my solo horns appear as endpoints, and I have no options for a2, a4, etc… endpoints.

Thanks !


One way is to use different staff voices for unison versus the 4 individuals. In the Play tab there is a way to assign different endpoints VST or channels to each voice. The key is that little slider switch, but its probably better to look at one of the visual tutorials online than to ask me to explain (my bad, sorry). I’m just saying that you can and its not that hard.

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Thanks a lot, this works like a charm !

However, when selecting an instrument in the Play tab, I get the same playback when playing on my midi keyboard, no matter which voice is selected (next to “Enable independant playback of voices” slider). Is this expected behavior ?

Have you assigned a different channel for each voice?

I’m not where I can test it at the moment, but I think that if you are in note entry for a specific voice, you will hear it output that voice. But if you are just noodling around and not in note entry mode, it wouldn’t know which you wanted and would have to default to one of them.

Yes, each voice has the proper VST linked. When listening to the score or inputting notes, everything playbacks as expected (e.g. : I use up-stem voice 1 for Horn solo, and down-stem voice 1 for Horn A2). It’s only in the “Play tab” when playing with my midi keyboard that I get the same sound no matter which voice is selected (next to “Enable independant playback of voices” slider). This is really a minor issue, and there’s probably little use for this anyway !

Oh ok, so this is probably the expected behavior. Please don’t hesitate to confirm this, if you wish :slight_smile: