Aaaargh!.. still haven't addressed the hover buttons!

why oh why have you guys not addressed the ridiculously stupid hover button thing in the mixer!!?.. it is the number one complaint from PRO users!.. it slows down everything, on a busy mixer you constantly hit the wrong place, this even happens in your own tuturial videos!

i’ve been using Cubase since the Atari days and unfortunelty i’m now actively searching for an alternative, this hover thing is literally driving me crazy, it’s just too damn slow and fiddly, completely uncalled for.

Don’t like the hover here either.

I’m not a huge fan either. I would prefer to see a preference to show/hide hover buttons.

what hover are we taking about? when you hover over the inserts?

Certain buttons are not visible until your hover your mouse over them, then they magically appear. Meant to create a clean look, and I appreciate that, but sometimes it’s just annoying. No, most of the time it’s just annoying. Like I mentioned above, a simple preference to either show/hide hover buttons would solve this.

ahh… I actually prefer the clean look… but it should be a preferance!

Agree 100%! There’s no reason why the insert and send slots can’t be click-mapped I to sections to exactly the same job. The popups are horrible, fiddly and tacky.

Completely agree. Just came back to Cubase 7.5 from v4 having used Logic & Pro Tools for a few years and the hover buttons are REALLY irritating! They look/feel cheap too…

I don’t see why it’s annoying. May be it’s the number one complaint of some pro users, but I am one, and I’m not complaining; I like it. Buttons only there when you need them, and cleanly tucked away when you don’t. Great.
Maybe a preference could be done, but I’m sure it would look super strange and crowded, all those circles everywhere.

Yeah. Kind of hate the hover. One at the far left and far right was fine, but I keep triggering the middle ones when I just want to open the insert!

Would love to see them re-disappear.

2 years of using them daily and I’m still misclicking stuff regularly. A good idea that didn’t pan out in reality.

I can’t stand the hover buttons and constantly click the wrong one and I’m constantly second guessing my moves to make sure I don’t. There must be a better way.


I like the C7 mixer, but the “hover buttons” make for a clunky workflow. Very distracting when in the heat of a mix…

I’d like to just have mod keys and/or right-click options.

While I’m thinking of that, how about double-click brings up the plugin from the send? Why did they change that? Only rarely do I want to type in an exact gain change in a Send!

+1. I’ve run out of ways to rant about unintuitive, non-standards-based UIs.

Draw circle on wall … pound head in circle… +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Actually, you can just hover your forehead over the correct area of the wall…

Since the only logical way to make them not hover, is to put them as always visible chicklets on the sides of the main insert hitarea, how about this:

When the user expands the width past the minimum, it’ll add the non-hover buttons.

When the user shrinks the width to the minimum (as indicated by the font size), the hover buttons will appear.

That way, those who want the readable, narrow formats possible now, will have it. If someone doesn’t want that, the channel would have to be wider anyway. So allow the user to decide by making the channel wider.

In other words, do the non-hover thing, unless someone shrinks it down around the current default widths we see with a vanilla Cubase 8.

Did that make any sense? I am on my 2nd, Friday night beer. Thoughts?

YES I AGREE, so stupid.

Its not supposed to be a game where you are trying to find things for fun, its a tool. The number of miss clicks you make on the inserts isn’t funny any more.

There’s plenty of room for proper buttons for all of the hidden hover functions. I mean look at the strip - they’ve managed to stuff a whole channel strip onto a postage stamp…