AAF and OMF problems

Hi guys,

I have problems with AAFs and OMFs in Nuendo 10.

I’m currently working on a project where I have to import AAFs and OMFs. At the imported AAFs there are many audio files missing. I also searched them in the folder where the AAF were imported to.

At the OMF, at a specific timecode position almost all audio clips are not at their original timecode position.

I spoke to the people responsible and they both assured me that this was not the case in their audio and video editing programmes.

Do any of you know what the problem is with AAFs not having audio files included and OMFs not having audio clips in their original timecode position?

Generally this is caused by the use of multiple sample rates IIRC OMF doesn’t support it at all. And some AAF export tools doesn’t do it correctly either. Neither format was designed to support multiple sampling rates. It may still work correctly in a few circumstances but in many situations the imports will fail or the result will be incorrect.

If this is the issue the fix is to do it right from the start, easier said than done after the fact.

One of the types of AAF uses MARKERS, or pointers, to existing audio files, and does NOT make new copies. The other type of AAF creates a new set of audio files and incorporates them into the ZIP folder containing the AAF file. You are probably getting the former type, and that is possibly why you are missing files.

I have not used OMF in a while, but I do remember they also have several types of export options.

Did the people making these for you TEST them before sending them to you, on a DIFFERENT system than the one who created the AAF or OMF files? The problem with creating and testing AAF / OMF on the same system, is that you won’t know for sure if it copied all files, because it sees the original ones.