AAF Export - Crossfade Curves lost


we have the following issue:
We need to export the complete project from Nuendo 7 to Pro Tools 12.
When exporting the AAF from Nuendo and importing it into Pro Tools all the Crossfades are set to equal power.
The problem is, that In the Nuendo project, we used different crossfade curves.
When exporting the AAF from Nuendo and importing the same AAF back to Nuendo, the crossfade curves also look different.
(Amplitude Crossfades are changed to linear and equal power crossfades stay the same).
Did somebody ever experienced this problem before and can somebody provide solutions?

AAF was embedded and consolidated with handle length.
For crossfades we used the simple crossfade editor (Nuendo preferences).

Thank you for your help!

AFAIK, AAF only supports linear fades.


Yep, and even using a specialised tool like AATranslatkr to get the data across there is no way to translate modified curves, so with AAT you will get linear or equal power but just the standard curves nothing else.
As I understand it The difference in implementation of fade curves between daws are simply to big to get translated.

Hi Fredo, hi Erik!
Thank you for your replies!
Now, the project is finalized. For rerecording, we transfered from Nuendo to Protools and repaired all fadecurves there, bit by bit, which were audible. At the end, it was not such an effort.
Another strange thing we found out - maybe interesting for further Nuendo-Protools transfers: very small edits (like smacks cleaned with Izotope in Nuendo) were not been transfered by AAF. In Protools we found some very small holes there on these places which produced clicks.
In conclusion, its better to keep working in the same DAW. :wink: