AAF export warning

Hello. What does this warning mean and how to export AAF from Nuendo 11 without getting it? Does the warning mean when I open this AAF in Pro Tools, the clips will have not right TC position?
My project is 99 tracks, 48kHz 24bit and spans from TC 23:00:03:04 to 1 00:19:32:23 (lenght 01:19:29:19).

Warning: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e2izgReNhRwxKMyFEJ56YhsKxUnzuXas/view?usp=sharing

Thank you.

Why not try to shift your project -23 hours so it would start at 00:00:03:04 and end at 01:19:32:23?

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PT does not handle projects that long as far as I remember. And it has never worked great with transitioning across 00:00:00:00. But my experience of these issues are a bit old now as these days I pretty much exclusively use Nuendo.

The problem here is that your project timecode crosses the midnight line. You might need to change the TC to work on this until you are ready to pass it onto the next process.