AAF from Avid - no "Origin Time" metadata

Hi guys !
I’m having an issue with an AAF workflow. Id’ like to use the N10 field recording tool (which looks really great btw !) with an AAF from Avid Media Composer.

But when the AAF is imported into Nuendo (tested with v7 & 10), I can’t find the source TC in the “Origin Time” metadata … and unable to relink with original audio. Does anyone ever succeed to pass the TC metadata from Avid to Nuendo through AAF without using AATranslator ?

How can we make an audio conform using this N10 new filed recording tool, if Nuendo don’t recognize the original TC in the AAF ? (PT does recognize it … but I dont want to use PT anymore !)

Thx !

The problem lies with the fact that an AVID OMF has a separate descriptor for the OMFI media metadata (or at least that is what I have understood). It makes using the Field Recorder workflow with some AAFs quite tricky.

True, normally you have to decide to just use the description to do metadata retrieval to link up the files and make sure that the Avid MC export is set to Copy all media.
That way the files will line up anyway as they will relate to the start of the files.

It is a mxf thing…
Avid MC in all mxf based workflows (you have to use mxf to be able tu use multiuser workflows using Avid servers) changes how the data is stored and read from the mxf wrapped files. And Nuendo can’t read that (yet). It is actually in the mxf files themselves, but not at all stored in the same way as in a regular bwav.

This is one of the reasons we still mostly use Audio EDLs and Titan to conform our dialog.
However field recorder audio import is a great time saver if you need to find a missing cannel or what n ot after all the mxf files have been replaced with the location sound files themselves.

Thx guys for your answers.

The workflow I’ve been asked to resolve is to reconform audio from a camera with the sound recorded on a sound device mixer, after image editing. The camera and the field recorder have the same TC (Tentacle). And without this" source TC" in Nuendo, I can’t reconform.
It seems that the audio alongside the video rush from the camera have no TC embedded, although it is displayed in MC.

I thought MC would export the AAF with that metadata … but in fact, it’s just a wav rush, no more. And MC don’t burn in this TC while exporting.

No solution for now …

What is a wav rush?
Make sure the MC is set to copy all media and that the scene take data is visible in the descriptions field after you import the AAF and you should be good to go.

It does work, but requires users to set up the AAF export correctly from the MC.

I also have problems with this. Nuendo doesn’t seem to be able to import field recorder audio only on the basis of timecode. :frowning:((