AAF from Nuendo to Pro Tools -> muted clips issue

Hello everybody,
I have some issue with exporting muted clips from Nuendo 10 to ProTools (last version) on windows.
The muted clips are simply not included in the aaf file.
I tried all the possible settings in the aaf export box but nothing seems to fix that issue.
Do someone experiment the same problem and solved it ? Is it due to the version of Nuendo and PT, and is it fixed in the Nuendo 12 version ?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Same issue here still on Nuendo 12.04, I now have a few tracks specifically where I put the audio I want muted in Pro Tools. After importing the AAF into Pro Tools I then mute the audio in those tracks and move them down into the session to be send to the mix stage

Thanks for your answer audiomonkeys :slight_smile:
Your way to manage the issue will be mine now. I hope Steinberg will fix that, as I understand, it’s been 2 years from the version 10 and it hasn’t been yet…
Working on Nuendo is a pleasure but It takes me too many time to transfer the project to ProTools each time. And I have to do so for every single project mixed in auditorium as every studio are ProTools based.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

This is an AAF “feature.” Muted audio clips are not exported.

Any muted clips do not get exported from the DAW, whichever it is.

It has nothing to do with Nuendo.

If the function “Export Muted Events with Volume -inf dB” worked as intended on the Export AAF settings, then this would solve the issue in question.


AAF’s from protools include muted clips. (I wish they didn’t! And there’s no “select all muted regions” in PT either…)

And aaf from resolve and premiere do include muted clips. This is definitely possible …

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