AAF Import Error

Hi guys,

Working on an indie film mix and the film-maker sent me an AAF from Premiere Pro. Unfortunately, it doesn’t open in Nuendo or DaVinci Resolve. In Nuendo I get the following error:

Failed to read AAF Tracks… [Err 80000004]

Once I hit Enter, I get,

No Composition Tracks found in AAF file

Any idea what could be causing the error and how to resolve the issue?

Hard to tell from the distance. Might be a case for trusty old AATranslator …?

I was hoping it would be a fix in Premiere Pro, but let me see if AAT can help. I do have a license somewhere.

Edit: Just checked, AAT also says ‘Unable to read AAF file’ :frowning:

Premiere is known for bad AAFs.
I recently had success with a roundtrip to Adobe Audition. This made the AAF readable in both Nuendo and PT.
Hope this helps.

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yea, it could be a lot of things in premiere timeline, track layout, clip fx, clipgains etc.
i said on some other forum thread that it would be super to have some kind of AAF ERROR DATABASE on steinberg website, so we could narrow down issues.


I use to send the attached doc to the film editor. (use it freely)
It is a re-mix of a doc published in this forum by
Fredo Gevaert

Film to sound editor delivery specifications_v02.pdf (198.9 KB)


@Oliver_Lucas I haven’t had too many issues with AAF’s from Premiere. EDLs on the other hand have never worked for me.

@soundcage I agree, the random error codes make no sense. It is unfortunate that it is such a widely used format but no-one is actively working on it.

@LluisV Thank you for sharing the doc. I have mini-version of this that I usually send to clients.

Since, Nuendo, Resolve & AAT couldn’t even remotely open the session, I don’t think there is much I can do at my end. I’m not very familiar with Premiere to suggest any solutions for possible conflicts. :frowning:

I use to edit video in premiere and audio in nuendo.
In my doc there are specific sections to help other editors to export aaf from premiere to be used in nuendo.
If there are edits in the premiere audio, more than cuts and volume levels, aaf file do not work.

Interchange files should be redefined.

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Aha, the issue ended up being the downloaded file not unzipping correctly. Downloads from Safari were automatically unzipping but only partially.

I managed to import the session into Nuendo correctly after fixing that issue.

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