AAF Import issue

Hi all,

I’ve upgraded to Nuendo 13 last week and now I have followinf issue with importing AAFs. I don’t know if this is Nuendo 13 related because it happens also with 12. But this error is completely new and never happened:

Screenshot 2024-05-24 112655

I’m in contact with the editor. Rendering some files increased the import but it constantly crashes.

I don’t know what is the issue here. Importing the same AAF in Resolve works. When I reexport it I have the same problems…

I also work with aaf files. And I seem to remember that the only times we have had errors have been because the audio files were embedded in the AAF. And the AAF took up about 2GB. Since then, even if it is 200 MB, we try to ensure that the aaf only has the references and the files are in another folder.

I had Nuendo 12 and now 13

Unfortunately I have to recommend renting Pro Tools for this. In my experience most AAFs that open in other applications will open in PT, and once re-exported they import fine in Nuendo.

I’ve had good and bad experiences with embedded and referenced both, so it doesn’t seem (to me) that one is more ‘solid’ than the other.

I would look into sample rates and media types in the source sequence and try to get the editors to consolidate to 24/48 .wav before export. It’s just begging for problems with mixed rates and bit depths and mp3s and whatnot.

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Aa Translate is your ticket to opening any kind of AAF/OMF/etc …


Thanx for all the answers.

I’ve never had an issue with the client’s AAFs, this was the first time. Later I discovered that a different editor worked on this session…

The solution was an OMF als data and an AAF non embedded for the automations, which both worked flawlessly. Later I also became an AAF non embedded as test which also worked. I came to the conclusion that the embedded AAF had some conflicts encapsulating some audiofiles and their names.

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yes non embeded and go with copy complete audio files you want to work with the field recorder workflow in Nuendo. We get AAF’s from premiere pro all the time with no issues unless its embedded.

What should the output of aa translator be for nuendo to open? I’m having a bad time with this. Embedded aaf from client. Should I make a non embedded aaf in translator? an mxml? Thanks!

Here’s a setup that appears to work flawlessly using aa translator.
I tested this converting multiple embedded aaf files from different clients to Steinberg xml and using import track archive in nuendo 13.
In aa translator, select the options:

overwrite existing media
combine split mono
convert aif to bwf
ignore video

with some of these unchecked, the track list becomes enormous, with lots of slug video files etc.
Please let me know if you have anything to add here. Thanks!

Glad you found the solution.