AAF import - Lots of small 'SAMPLE ACCURATE' files.

When importing an AAF from Pro Tools into Nuendo 8 there are heaps of frame long clips with ‘SAMPLE ACCURATE’ in the description. They are at the start and end of every clip. Just 1 frame files. VERY annoying. Anyone else has these?

Hi. Yes I had the same nightmare. You have to select all clips in Pro Tools and delete all fades before making aaf. It’s somewhere in menus or in “right-mouse-button-clicking on selected clip” menu, don’t remember exactly. It must help. Have a good work!

Recurrent problem. PT renders fades as separate events.
You can easily remove them with the Project Logical Editor.
I made two presets for that. Don’t remember if they were ever included in one of the release versions.
If not then you can replicate them using these screenshots.


Nice presets Fredo, thanks! )