AAF import?

There is a way to import in the editing of AAF or OMF files?

No, but you can use AES-31 if the DAW you’re coming from supports it.

If not, you can try AATranslator.

Thanks Bob. From Cubase to WL, I would have thought that Steinberg would have offered something (I mean to keep the clip in position). Thanks also for AATranslator (I did not know).

If it’s from Cubase, is Wavelab Exhange of no help? (or maybe that’s what you’re talking about).


I don’t know anything about Exchange, but I think it’s available in Wavelab Elements too.

Also I thought Cubase had AES-31 export, but maybe not. I think Pro-Tools dropped AES-31 support a long time ago.

I think it works by tracks, not clip, so we lose the position. But I will deepen with Cubase 10 and Wl 10.

No Aes-31 in Pro Tools, indeed. It’s an old format, basically, replaced by OMF and then AAF. It is however Nuendo. Conclusion: Steinberg, do you want a transfer method between Cubase and WL, or just for Nuendo and WL?

Rather an expensive way of doing things…FWIW

I agree Thomas but I think it’s one of the only programs left that does specifically what it does, convert DAW sessions, independent, but sometimes using the AAF, OMF, AES31 import/export availabilities in different programs as bridge I believe (not sure if that’s the case, but I thought so).

But it reminded me that also SSL Pro Convert might still be around, but more expensive.

I can not believe that Steinberg embarks us in this galley to transfer from Cubase to WL tracks with positioning of clips. I bought WL with confidence, and I do not find it well built. But that’s beyond me.