AAF not available in Import/Export Menu : Nuendo 6.07 : Win

Fresh install of 6.0 , update to 6.07 on a new system running Windows 7 SP1 x64.

AAF is not available in Import/Export menus.

Have tried manually cut and pasting AAFFilter folder from another working install on another system , trashing preferences , to no avail .

Anyone else experience this and find a solution.


Just to add to the previous post with some further troubleshooting.

Installed Nuendo 5.5 and updated to 5.5.6 , AAF Import/Export available.

Uninstalled N6.07, reinstalled 6.02 from ISO installer , AAF Import/Export available.

Update to 6.07 and AAF Import/Export is no longer listed as available.

So updating to 6.07 on this install is corrupting the AAF availability.

And No, I am not interested in updating to 6.5.x at this point, until I have an answer on what is happening with the current update procedure breaking the AAF availability

Please check this post:


Thank You Bodo,

That did the trick.

Might have been an idea to include it within the update package :slight_smile: