AAX Plugin - Apple Silicon Native

New user here, surprised to see the AAX AudioSuite plugin to send back and forth from Pro Tools & SpectraLayers is still on v 1.0 and not Apple Silicon Native. Is there any plan to update? Reached out to support and the response was “Spectralayers Pro 10 is currently supported Natively”. True, but the plugin is not.

Anyone else missing this on their Apple silicon systems?

Yes. Can we please get this updated?

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I’ll consider it for the next updates.

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Thank you!!

Awesome! Thank you!

Yes please! SL is the only reason I am still running in Rosetta.

There is no AAX or AU, only VST3.


I also agree, that it seems like such a massive commission. If v11 doesn’t have AU, then I won’t see a reason to update it. I will just update RX, instead, since that is ARA2 in Logic Pro and comes bundled with dedicated plug-ins for all processes (in all common plug-in formats).

With everything being limited to SpectraLayers itself (mothership application), ignoring the other plug-in formats really limits its overall usefulness, IMVHO, due to how this enforced more complicated workflows for anyone that isn’t using Cubase or another DAW that supports VST3 ARA2.

Logic Pro and Pro Tools is a pretty big set of omissions…

@Trensharo There’s an AAX plugin, it’s just not updated to Apple Silicon yet. Also it’s not ARA-enabled, since ARA support in Pro Tools is quite new / at beta stage.

Regarding AU, Celemony (ARA creator) is advising us to not do it yet, as apparently AU ARA support is broken since macOS 12 or so due to new sandboxing mechanisms at OS level. I’m following closely that situation with Celemony every year since 2021, but it seems that the situation is as it is now.

However you can use SpectraLayers with Logic Pro this way : Apple Logic Pro

Logic Pro 10.8 update just came out and it adresses some specific AU3 , AU-ARA compatiliby issues. Possible, that this was it and the problem was resolved by Apple so SL AU-ARA works now? That would be Great!?

After checking with Celemony about this Logic Pro update, unfortunately no Apple did not made the necessary ARA changes yet.

Going back to the original topic, I can announce Apple Silicon native support for the AAX plugin with the next patch, coming early December :slight_smile:
@ripekeai @atlgc @chappellaudio @Trensharo

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Great news, thank you!

Working, THANK YOU!

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