Abbey Road Fools

Live webcam of the Abbey Road zebra crossing in London… LOL ?

That interesting. The mouse wheel zooms the image also. Lots of people milling around at 5:15 pm there. I do wonder, is there a reason the white line is zig zagged? Never been to Europe. Is this how they let you know there is a pedestrian crossing coming up?

It also marks the area where you are not allowed to stop.

This is the zebra crossing featured on the famous Beatles “Abbey Road” album cover…
All day long, tourists come to see the crossing and have their picture taken there… much to the annoyance of the traffic…

This is England, not Europe…

are we not a part of Europe then ??

Hopefully, not for much longer :smiley:

Yes, it will be much better when the London Eurobond market moves to Bonn and wipes 20% off the UK GDP, the Commonwealth nations look elsewhere for their tariff-free trade entry into Europe, and the USA ‘special relationship’ which they have openly admitted is largely due to UK’s access to Europe, becomes a lot less ‘special’. :slight_smile:

But to return to the topic in hand… Once you have crossed the road you can visit the Abbey Road shop and get an Abbey Road T-shirt, wash bag and messenger bag. :wink:

Gotta get back to the UK someday, that cam got me thinking! Thanks :sunglasses:

You know, I thought I felt a disturbance in the force…

Atlas shrugged…

Who is John Galt?

May the farce be with us all.

I knew I knew vaguely what this was… kept thinking “Is it Orwell” … then it came to me