abby Road studio3 in ctrl room ??

Hi Guys !
I just got the demo of aby road studio 3 and the other headphone thingy .
it works kind of ok ( just have to get used to it ).
I wanted to put it on my headphones bus so it works only on headphones and not on my master bus or st out thus giving me my ears back whilst listening back via my monitors …
I cant seem to get it to work
am I missing something ?
any ideas?
anybody doing this if so pls enlighten me
cheers guys , stay well stay safe


What Audio Device do you use? Can you route the signal to the Headphones bus independently on the Stere Out of your Audio Device?

Create a Cue-bus, feed it from the main mix, and insert the plugin there?!
Or do the same with a phones bus.
Or do the same, but use a second monitor bus for the headphones.

hi guys !
@martin.: hardware is focusrite18120 ….it works but not as good as it does on the master bus…
my routing for my phones out is outputs 9+10 on the 18i20 (using its own mixer app I rout that to DAW 9+10
my Tracking device is a Logitech webcam…
the problem is a big lag when moving my head to the left I don’t get a noticeable change as I would in the other direction…
on the master bus this is not the case all works fine
I cant see the point in having anything that changes the sonic response to my monitors and or room without me specifically wanting to .
headphones yes its just what I want for the width, depth and Hight of my mixes…
if I use it on my stereo out as is suggested my workflow is compromised a lot by turning this app on or off …
like I said it works but not as it should
obtw I put it in the post fader slot before anyone asks :slight_smile:
I am not certain if this is a Cubase thing or a waves thing or a Logitech webcam thing it just seems strange that it wont work the same depending where it is routed.
this is why I asked if anyone uses it like this also is there a way to open up a different instance for lets say each of the cue busses … I would need 4 web cams and or head trackers???
so cool to track multiple artists with head tracking in their respective cue mixes…but hey…I have to get real here… its still quite new (too me at least) this Tech…
thanks again
stay well stay safe