Ability to assign 2 midi input devices to a track (NOT all)


My brother an I are preforming midi drums and wind synth, and I know how to separate midi inputs for the two instruments. However, with my wind synth I need two different midi devices, one is a USB foot controller, and the other is my WX5 wind synth going through a midi interface. I see in the pull down list how to assign one or the other, but I cannot seem to figure out how to assign both to the midi instrument.

Is is possible to assign two midi input devices to one track? I cannot assign “all” because my brother needs his drums going only to his drum instrument, or he would be triggering my sounds too.

Thanks in advance of the help,


From what I understand, you have a series of MIDI inputs but wish to assign two of them to a single MIDI track, while it seems you can assign only one or all, not two. Right?

Off the top of my head, the easiest work around before anyone shows you how to do that (if at all possible) is to use two MIDI tracks, assign each one with the desired input, record enable both and start recording. One will record MIDI notes, and the other controller data.

Good luck.

That is the way to do it. And don`t forget to assign those 2 tracks to the same output (your wind synth). If you want to have just one track with notes and controller data, merge them after you recorded everything.