Ability to change order in the Instrument Rack

I tried to pull newer Kontakt 5 instrument rack from the bottom of the rack list upwards but it didn’t work.

Do you know how can you put the racks in the order you want ?

Works here… click the instrument rack in a blank spot in the header. An orange highlight should appear around the header, move to the preferred location.

Hope that helped.

I clicked the rack but didn’t get any orange highlight are around the header.
Could you describe more specifically how you pull racks to the other places ?

Or do you know how could you smaller the rack list (it’s too large for me to navigate Kontakt 5 racks in the whole rack list) ?

I took a printscreen picture of my current project.

I thought you were trying to rearrange the ‘racks’ in Kontakt, not in the Cubase rack. Sorry.

I don’t believe you can re-order the rack in Cubase.

That’s what I thought too :wink:
And, you are right, the VST Instruments rack in Cubase cannot be re-ordered. (I’d rather like that to be possible, too :wink: )

+1 for re-ordering the rack please!

Thing is, when I’m writing/composing I just load up VSTis during the process as I feel I need them, that’s the only way really. But then when mixing starts I definitely need those VSTis in a logical order to keep my mind focussed and efficient when working, Also to keep the project tidy much as I’d move tracks around into groups to make it tidy for mixing. So, good feature to add if you ask me and about time!


  • 1 Yes it would be a nice Rack and Tracks in the Cubase Rack

+1 as well. This was one of the things I first tried to do when I was cleaning up a project that had become visually unruly (at least as far as my OCD was was concerned). :slight_smile:

Hi, as to the original poster: You could alternatively load only one instance of kontakt and within kontakt load the various instruments. You could reorder the instruments within the contact rack instead of the cubase vsti-rack. In Addition you would save ressources on your machine.

Cheers, Ernst

+1 for reordering…

  • save racks presets and load them (append) to existing projects

+1 more for reordering! Just getting going with Cubase 8.5 and can’t believe this isn’t possible!!!

+1 I came here how it’s done and I’m very suprised that it isn’t possible, just fired up 8.5.


+1 please (I’m sure I’ve already said this but this is a great feature that I’d like to see implemented!)


This is one of those things I’ve thought about, it seems intuitive to be able to drag order within the rack. It’s so obvious I never considered to ask for a ‘feature’.


+1 absolutely. While on this subject, another superbly useful related feature would be to duplicate an instrument already in the rack, same settings, etc. as that being duplicated.

+1 Many times I have found myself wanting to re-order instruments in the rack. Seems like this wouldn’t be too complicated to implement. Maybe while they re-work all of the window layouts for Cubase 9 they will squeeze this feature in. :slight_smile: