ability to hide any selectable item

I’m sure I saw a post about this a long time ago, but haven’t been able to find it again…

Feature request: could Dorico someday have the ability to truly “hide” any element that’s selectable in a score (clef, key signature, time signature, individual instrument change labels, etc.)? LilyPond has this ability and it’s a wonderfully useful feature.

I know the current workaround for hiding things in Dorico is to give them a custom colour and then set that colour’s opacity to zero, however this still exports the elements as shapes to the resultant PDF. For those of us who rely heavily on apps like Illustrator as a final step to perfecting a score, it means you still have to deal with all these “hidden” items after export (just a small item on my Dorico wish list!).

That’s been on my wish list since I started using Dorico back in 2017.

It was a deliberate decision by the team not to include a generic “hide” functionality, in that there are in most cases other ways you could handle needing to hide something. To that end, things like invisible clefs and atonal key signatures are possible, as are open time signatures with the flexibility to add barlines wherever needed. You can also hide instrument change labels without changing their colour: just pop to Engrave mode and change their custom text to an empty space. In a lot of cases, this is also true (that the colour/opacity isn’t necessary).

It’s likely you already know about such things, but to be sure: you can also hide/show clefs depending on the transposition - e.g. if you want to show them in the concert pitch score but hide them in the transposing part.

Hi Lillie,

That makes good sense - I know there are lots of item-specific hiding options that might have conflicted with a more generic approach, so from a software design perspective, I understand the argument.

That said, if it’s still technically possible to visually hide something by changing its colour/opacity anyway, would a toggle switch for hiding it altogether really be that different in principle? It would achieve the same visual end result, but the exported PDFs would be less cluttered with empty paths.

This isn’t a big issue by any means (and one I’ve learned to live with over the past few years), it’s just always seemed wrong to “trick” Dorico into hiding things with single spaces, 0% opacity, etc. when a deliberate on/off switch would be so much clearer in intent from a UI perspective.

Thanks for your time and response!

FWIW, I recently wanted a quick way to hide time signatures without having to open the Preferences Panel and click the minuscule toggle switch. It involved editing the JSON file and removing the command which toggles between the Marquee Tool and the Hand Tool (which I don’t need), and then adding the ‘ToggleHideEvent’ command to enable showing and hiding the time signature instead. It works perfectly and has saved me a lot of time.