Ability to import .m4a files.

A very common file that we need to be able to import into Cubase. I get these all of the time from songwriters and clients as reference tracks (sometimes even actual tracks…yikes) and can’t import them directly into Cubase.

Hi, has the problem been solved?

Honestly. Why can’t we do this? It slows everything down when I need to decode these files manually. Seems like the decoder should be available to the app, no?

Posted this link to wrong thread so deleted here.

It doesn’t even take a long time to code. Wouldn’t be more than an hour of work from a good developer. I made my own software for doing this, but it only exists outside of cubase for now.

Hi! The SpectraLayers version included in Cubase 11 Pro can read m4a and many more formats. So I open it in standalone mode, open the file and export to a format Cubase can read. But they still need to let us import the file directly. This situation doesn’t make sense.

It’s a small annoyance to have to convert .m4a files, but it IS an annoyance-can it be that hard to implement?