Ability to lock MixConsole configurations

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Adding more entries in the key commands window will be more than enough (for me, at least). This is because the tracks can be easily removed from different configurations using macros (just saying :sunglasses:).

Actually, it wouldn’t be more than enough. Ability to lock MixConsole configurations is indeed a must have, because when you re-enable a track, it will be as if you were adding a new track. So, if that track is already part of a configuration (from the first 8 configurations), after running the “remove-selected-tracks from all-configurations” macro, you would have to add it again [to that specific configuration]. Because of this, creating a template project becomes a little bit pointless.

Actually, it would be (more than enough). Here’s why:
If the tracks are removed from the first 8 visibility configurations (when running the “hide-selected-tracks-from-first-eight-confs” macro), it’s good to note that the tracks will remain selected even though you don’t see them in the currently active visibility configuration. So, adding back the tracks to the configurations that should be locked is easy:

  1. Select the tracks;
  2. Run the macro (that hides them from the first eight configurations);
  3. Go to the visibility configuration that shouldn’t have been changed;
  4. Add back the track by applying this PLE preset:
  5. (step added later) Update visibility configuration

Actually it wouldn’t be more than enough, since the above workaround works only in the Project Window (so the process of adding the channels back to configurations can’t be automated to an acceptable degree).
Would’ve worked if there were a “Channel Operation” action target here:

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+1! Lock MixConsole is my most requested feature as well.

I work a lot with Track Archives, and it very annoying hide the added tracks from the 9 configurations.

Macro suggested by alin89c is nice, but doens’t solve my problem, since most of my track archives are tracks instruments with multiple audio outputs. And those ouputs are not hidden because they are not selected by default when they are activated.

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It seems that the ability to lock MixConsole configurations has not been implemented in Cubase 12, but, my macro suggestion still remains on the table as a viable solution (because it also works with new VSTi outputs).

In order to successfully simulate MixConsole/Project Window configurations lock, do the following.


Settings and macro creation

1 ) Make sure this option (Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole) is checked.

(option location)

2 ) Create a macro named hs_tcoo_favc (and assign a keyboard shortcut to it).
hs_tcoo_favc = hide selected track, channel or output from all visibility configurations

(commands to populate the macro)

3 ) Create a second macro named uau_vc (and assign a keyboard shortcut to it).
uau_vs = undo and update vissibility configuration

(commands to populate this second macro)


How to use the two macros
→ After adding a new track (or a new VSTi output), select it and run the first macro (hs_too_favc) to hide that track/output from the first 8 vissibility configurations.

→ After all of the first 8 configurations have been brought to the initial state (the state before adding the track/output), you can go to the configuration where you need the selected track to reside, then execute the second macro (uau_vs).

Hope this helps…


Thank you alin89c! So useful, hopefully 12.5 we will get this feature… still waiting. Hope you’re doing well!

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Yeah just piling on to say how important this feature is to me. I use a disabled template and every time I enable a track it gets added to my configurations.

Which means…I can’t use mix configurations. They’re just cluttered useless messes.


The process I’ve described (process/method to simulate configurations lock) could be further simplified. Here’s how:

Instead of creating just one macro named uau_vc, it would be better to create eight uau_vc macros (one for each visibility configuration). This will also help the user quickly assign new tracks to one of the eight visibility configurations.


Each macro should look like this:

This being said, the new method for mantaining the appearence that the MixConsole configurations stay locked is as follows:

1 ) Add track (or VSTi output) and make sure it is selected.
2 ) Open MixConsole and run the first macro ( hs_tcoo_favc). This step will hide the selected track(s) from the first 8 visibility configurations.
3 ) Run one of the eight uau_vs macros.
For example, if you want the new track to be part of visibility configuration 8, run the macro named uau_vs8.

That’s it!

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I appreciate you taking the time to think through these macros but they require more brain space then I should have to dedicate to a feature that seems so….fundamental?

Anyways I’ll definitely look into implementing your first macro at the very least, so thank you!

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I believe this behavior (of the visibility configurations) is not as easy to change as we, users, might think. Maybe it’s tied to other functions that would have to be changed too…

If something else comes to my mind, I’ll share it here… I think the new scripting feature in Cubase 12 (javascript) can be of help.

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…it would be great to have this function implemented at some point.

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+1 feature!