Ability to lock MixConsole configurations

HAHAHA! :joy: Ameeeeen!

Adding more entries in the key commands window will be more than enough (for me, at least). This is because the tracks can be easily removed from different configurations using macros (just saying :sunglasses:).

Actually, it wouldn’t be more than enough. Ability to lock MixConsole configurations is indeed a must have, because when you re-enable a track, it will be as if you were adding a new track. So, if that track is already part of a configuration (from the first 8 configurations), after running the “remove-selected-tracks from all-configurations” macro, you would have to add it again [to that specific configuration]. Because of this, creating a template project becomes a little bit pointless.

Actually, it would be (more than enough). Here’s why:
If the tracks are removed from the first 8 visibility configurations (when running the “hide-selected-tracks-from-first-eight-confs” macro), it’s good to note that the tracks will remain selected even though you don’t see them in the currently active visibility configuration. So, adding back the tracks to the configurations that should be locked is easy:

  1. Select the tracks;
  2. Run the macro (that hides them from the first eight configurations);
  3. Go to the visibility configuration that shouldn’t have been changed;
  4. Add back the track by applying this PLE preset:
  5. (step added later) Update visibility configuration

Actually it wouldn’t be more than enough, since the above workaround works only in the Project Window (so the process of adding the channels back to configurations can’t be automated to an acceptable degree).
Would’ve worked if there were a “Channel Operation” action target here:

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