Ability to 'Lock To' the Active Track in Key Editor

It would be nice to have a “lock to” option when editing in the Key Editor, especially when there are many editors visible at once in the new Cubase 13.

Constantly clicking midi notes of other events and having to switch back, or using the range selection when you only want to select a range in the Active Track but you’re forced to select everything from all tracks…

Whilst this workflow might work at times, there are more times that I personally at least would want to focus on one single Key editor whilst having the ability of SEEING the others, not editing them. A “Lock to” button would give the option of either.

At the moment this feature isn’t really much more than just selecting multiple midi events and opening the key editor, which is nothing new.

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This :point_up: Apparently this is not yet possible, but the need is dire!

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