Ability to option+shift the B!

Hello you massively great development team! Just wanted to give you some love before I complain about how when manually entering notes using my keyboard I can easily send the note “B” down one octave by holding down the control key (like all pitches), but I can not send the “B” upwards by using the option+shift (like all the other pitches). So I have to enter the B where Dorico puts it by default, then stop my entering and reselect the note and then use the command+option command to send it to the right octave! whew talk about slowing down the process.
Can we make the B pitch act like any other pitch when entering using the keyboard?

Thanks, and I’m still super happy with Dorico!

Unfortunately this is a problem with the Qt framework that Dorico is written in, so they can’t fix it themselves. See this thread (from 5 years ago!)

You can use Cmd-Opt-Up after entering the note without exiting input mode and reselecting. That command assumes the note just entered when in input mode.


Thanks Craig_F that’s better than exiting input mode every time.

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