Ability to relink fedia files/items/assets (Audio, Video, Pic, etc...)

I know, this topic was touched from and other point of view. If any case of any copy/reorganising, it seems, I can’t “relink” file paths. When mv audio file to another location, no prompt such as:

  • hallo user, I can’t find this and that items where they were!
  • would you like to show me their new location?

That meight be a great addition for organising media pool :slight_smile:

Current situation: It simply shows me empty boxes for me now now after testing what happens if consolidating media files/folder.

Sure, I can manually put them back, nothing serious for now… At newborn age of VSTLive the app was creating copies from media items (assets) at importing. Later the team created a new option in Preferences of VSTLive not creating copy from orig files… Therefore some of my projects are now half way like this, half like that and I can’t really make them consistent , eg. using media items from the same external location). Independetly from my situation, leting user to relink items (in any case) is a general and helpful workaround in multimedia applications.

I would be happy if that can take space on the list for future coding :slight_smile:

We are working on something similar to Cubases’ Media Pool, but it will take a while.
To make sure all assets are in one location, use the “File/Save Archive…” function.
Also, you can copy assets into their respective folders, if you know where to find those. We have improved export/import too, and continue to do so.
And finally, projects saved with recent versions of VST Live will automatically find files even when those are outside the project folder (as long as they still exist).

Hi @musicullum!

great news, thank you for your reply.

will be just awesome :slight_smile:

Yeah, that works like charm, I also use it for creating offsite backup copy.

Using 1.1.66 audio events are “empty” even just changing one character for source folder (eg. “Gig” → “-Gig”. Renaming back, reopening, audio files are there again. Maybe it’s an addition for the the upcoming new update (1.1.67 or whatever?)

I don’t get this - if you change the name of the path (folder and/or filename), it can not find the file anymore, that is to be expected.

I’m sorry, I might misunderstood the reply quoted below.

So I just did a try to move my audio+video files to a consolidated folder location.

Could you help me to understand difference between “Assets” and “Imported Files”?
I’m sorry about, maybe because of my english… couldn’t find any exampled explanation in manual.

“Assets” are like saved “layer” / “stacks” / “sound” / etc…
in other words everithing except file types as “imported Audio / Video / Image files”?

Thank you very much!

“as long as they still exist” is the key here. If you rename “myfolder” to “_myfolder”, the file “myfolder/myfile.wav” does not exist anymore (logically). Files are identifyied by their entire path.

The other attempt to find a file is the local structure aside of the project file. It takes the original file name, and if that cannot be found, it tries project path/assets folder (such as “audio”) plus filename.
This is why it is also recommended to save “Untitled” as soon as possible, because if you do a lot of stuff and then save the project at a totally different location, it looses its relative relationship to the assets. It will still find the files “as long as they still exist”, but you cannot just copy the project folder and move it elsewhere unless the folder that the project file is in also contains all assets.

You should use the “Save Archive” function which is supposed to do exactly that (consolidate).

audio and video files are also assets. The question is what you import (also record), and when, that is, where are the files when you save your project.

So no, not “except”, assets do contain audio and video files.

When you export from Cubase, you can decide to copy or not to the destination. When you import, “Import: Copy Files To Project” is relevant (as in your Preferences picture above). To overcome this complexity and insecurities, we suggest to use the “Save Archive” function.

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Btw, your music is just great :slight_smile:

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Hi @musicullum ,

thank you very much for the detailed explanation :slight_smile:
also your kind compliment! :smiling_face:

absolutely! but this case I wanted to keep my (audio stems & video) files at my “common” location (it’s a synced cloud folder), without storing them anywhere else furthermore avoid duplicates. As I started to build that project before the “Copy files to project” opt-out coded to app preferences…long story short: Problem solved: I deleted audio files and pulled/imported them back :slight_smile:

(For sure, creating regular “Save Archive” for emergency recovery).

I like team’s idea / built function allow us save different “default” (song, stack, …)

As a user, I value beeing able to save/copy/drag, and load/paste/drop all relevant objects (Songs, Parts, Layers, Stacks, Sounds, Presets, Actions…), it makes it quite flexible. Sometimes it’s a challenge to implement, because of dependencies, but seems worth it :slight_smile:

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Absolutely !! :sunglasses: