Ability to swap modifier keys for insert locator modifier key+click

I would like to be able to swap Ctrl(Cmd in Mac)+left click, ALT(Option in Mac)+left click in the ruler in the settings.
When operating a mac with a Windows keyboard, the locations are opposite and confusing.
And for those who operate the mouse with their left hand.
Because the Ctrl key is on the right side and the ALT key is on the left side, it is confusing.

TBH, you can set up your mouse for left-hand use on macOS and your keyboard for the use on macOS as well.
Why should be a DAW software be responsible to fix your OS problem?

This is not an OS problem or a matter of my taste.
It is due to the following behavior on the ruler
On windows, Ctrl+click sets the left locator, but
On Mac, Command+click sets the right locator.

Sorry for my explanation and my bad English.