Abismal download speed w. download assistant.

Having searched this forum before posting I can see that this issue has been raised before with no solutions offered by Steinberg and I read one post where a steinberg rep was stating that they pay a fortune to the company they use to distribute thier software digitally and that this company has servers in various different countrys. The Steinberg rep seemed to suggest that the op of that post could use a local server from this company and obtain a local faster speed but if that is true why is Steinberg not publising or listing these servers for each territory or country?

Baring this fact in mind then steinberg really should be on that company back and demend the company sorts its servers out.

I am in the UK.
I have upgraded from AI to Pro and today I have tried to download the 26.56 GB download.

I stated the download this morning and I have not got above 300 kb/s dl speed all day and at this speed it is going to take a few days to complete which for a premium product is simply ludacris, verging on down right unacceptable.

Steinberg you are one of the biggest and certainly oldest names in DAW’s. Compared to newcomers in this increasingly crowded and competative field you are a premium brand yet your method of suppling software is lamentable.

I can say with complete certaincy that the issue is not with my ISP as I have a completely unlimited commercial contract with no traffic shaping or throttling. The first thing I did when I saw how slow the DL speed was from your server was call my ISP’s Tech support and they confirmed that there were no issues with thier service what so ever. The tech suppport agent was able to look at my incoming data stream and confirm that the speed issue was with the server I am trying to download from - in other words the company to whom you are paying a fortune to provide digital distibution services.

As a further test, while connect to your download assistant, I downloaded 3 gig of session files from a client and that took only around 7 minutes.
To be sure that was not a fluke (still connected to and downloading from DL assistant) I purchased and downloaded HD movie (12 gigabites) from a well know retailer which took just over 36 minutes.

If the problem was at any point between myself and my ISP I would not have been able to do this.

As I type this post the download speed is varable between 15.2 (yes 15.2) kb/s and 28.7. That is considerbly below what my first ever dial up modem used to provide on very old copper telephone lines.

Given tech, including telecommunications, has advanced way beyond those jurassic early days it is beyond belief that any company can not provide a decent download speed, there really is no excuse for it.

If you are “paying a fortune” to whoever this company is then they are not providing the service that deserves such a high cost to you. Microsofts servers would be extremly busy at all times, more so than yours, yet I can login, purchase a new copy of windows 10 Pro and download within an hour!

With the imminant release of Cubase 11 your servers are going to be busier than ever and I have real sympathy for those who will try and download that.


Here is the official statement.

Hi Martin

Too many activation requests for what?

Oooo I see why and I have also jumped in and upgrded my upgrade from 10.5 to V11.

Be rude not to and if I am going to have to pend a few days downloading I may as well get the newest version.

OK now I have a new issue.

I had to pause the DL of 10.5 which almost completed and reboot my laptop.

The DL assistant said that I could pause and resume at a later time.

I have just tried to resume the DL so I can start to DL my V11 upgrade and the DL assistant wants to start the DL from the start.
This is despite the fact that in the DL folder the file Cubase_10.5.20_Installer_win.zip.sda-download is still there showing as 20.0 GB (21,564,600,668 bytes) downloaded and the file Cubase_10.5.20_Installer_win.zip.sda-download.aria2 showing as 3 kb.

Please dont tell me I have to start from fresh???

This whole situation is a farse.

No tech support what so ever, no answers, no help.

What a joke.