Able to make page numbers flow dependent?

I’m wanting to do several flows in one project, but want page numbers to restart for each flow. Is this possible? Thanks!

Read this thread:

You can use {@flowPage@} instead of {@page@} in your masterpages.

EDIT: Leo, why are you always faster? :wink: Cheers!

I’ve decided that Leo is either a Search Wizard :sunglasses: or has a photographic memory.
At any rate, he is a great asset to the forum.

Derrek, thank you.

I certainly don’t have a photographic memory - and in fact, musically speaking I have a terrible memory; the flip side to being a good sight reader.

In terms of search wizardry, while I do have the Google custom search set up on my computers (as instructed in the pinned Dorico FAQs thread) I’m often limited to what my iPhone can do. In this case, I’m pretty sure I just googled “dorico flow page numbers” (without the quotes) and then clicked the “more results from” option. The post I linked to was the third search result.

This might go part way to explaining why I can get quite so irritable about people not searching…

Of course it helps that this forum IS my commuting entertainment, and I probably spend a minimum of 10 hours a week in front of Dorico, so I generally know what is and isn’t possible, whether I can actually remember how to do it or not!

Excellent. Thanks folks!