Able to select/browse Project Tools menu in Mixer Window

When you’re in mixer window with the project window behind it, i am able to select or browse through project tools menu using keyboard shortcuts.

1.) Open Empty Project
2.) Maximize Project window
3.) Open Mixer Window
4.) Maximize Mixer Window
5.) In the Mixer Window, move your mouse pointer towards a blank area of the racks (Around where your projects blocks will be in the Project Window.)
6.) “Select Tool” shortcut on keyboard is 1 (not number pad). Press 1 on and off several times. Tools menu items you see only in the project window should be popping up, in this case you should be browsing between different select tools.

This is not limited to the select tool, all Tools Menu are able to be selected this way.

Windows 7 64bit - i7 920 - 12GB RAM
Cubase 8.0.5
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS - driver v9.118.13.4144