Ableton can do this, can cubase?

in the piano roll i want to minimise it so just the notes of a specific key are shown. Eg, im writing a song in Fminor and i just want those notes to be displayed, so i can quickly come up with a melody while im away from my keybopard (working on a laptop)



Sorry, Cubase can’t do this.

But you can use a chord track, choose a scale - and Cubase will show your correct notes in green and wrong (out of scale) notes in red.
Which is even better, as sometimes out of key notes might work as well in your track!

  • You can let Cubase automatically adjust your “pressed notes” on keyboard/piano to scale. (So wrong notes you press, will be transposed to correct ones!)

  • If you write the chords you want on the chord track along your track, Cubase will automatically adjust all your pressed notes to CHORDS (not only scale!) + BONUS: it will color your notes if they are in key/chord or out of scale.

So, Ableton is way worse than Cubase in terms of showing correct notes/scales/chords.

I will never understand the need that some users have to bypass the learning process. Understanding scales and modes is central to creating music. There is plenty of information online. Some time spent upon this will help you create better and more interesting melodies. I am not sure that it is the job of Cubase to do this kind of work for you.

Awesome! Never knew this was possible in Cubase. It’s posts like this that keep me coming back to this forum.

Efficiency, much of the billboard 100 hitmakers dont know sheesh about scales and modes… Its nice to know but not necessary.

Correct! And there is so much more to learn in music production - so I prefer to spend the time in other things than learning what keys are in a scale or how I build a A7b9 chord etc. - I can build 100 complex chords in seconds in Cubase which I would never came up with my “personal arsenal of learned chords”. Sometimes creativity strikes only because you can experiment with the huge amount of possibilites you have (and click on lower Keyzone Chord Editor) - instead of thinking 5 minutes about how and which chords could fit this track.

open your mind then! im writing drum n bass, not highly complex melodical content. This shortcut is a god-send in Ableton and would be really useful in cubase.

Then continue using Ableton Live, after all that is it’s forte. To be honest I’m not sure that I could open my mind to Drum & Bass let alone my ears. I’m not that interested in reductive musical forms. Sorry!

You could try posting in “Feature Requests and Suggestions”.

Did you read my replies? Where I explain to you that Cubase can do even more than Ableton?

Which is why there is so much mediocre music out there made by people who don’t really know what they are doing. Those five minutes might make the difference between interesting and banal. Understanding will make you a better writer and the process more satisfying. Of course it is not necessary to learn these things and as an art teacher I have seen the atrocities committed in the name of art by those who have not learned basic techniques and skills. I admit to finding it difficult to listen to music that does not exhibit that knowledge. I have a number of friends who do create EDM, who have done the whole music education route, whose knowledge informs the rules they follow and the rules they break. Whilst I might not be a fan of that genre I can respect the musical intentions.