Ableton Drum Rack to dorico

Hello! I Couldn’t figure out a way to do this.

I have a drum in Ableton in a drum rack. When I export it to midi, it exports just like a regular midi file.
In Ableton, you can set each midi note to specific samples, and I wanted to notate the drum pattern, but I could not figure out a way to easily export the midi as a percussion track?

Is there a way that I am missing when I am using the midi import system on dorico?

P.S I need to mention that I have a lot more sample than a regular drum set.
So I was wondering if there was an individual way to assign each note as certain drums

Do you know which MIDI pitches are going to be used for each drum in your Ableton track? If so, you could write a percussion map in Dorico (Library > Percussion Maps) that would tell Dorico which MIDI note corresponds to which instrument, and then when importing your MIDI file, you can choose your custom percussion map so that Dorico will map the notes appropriately on import.