Ableton link loosing signal regularly

Dear Support,

I took my time in recent weeks to test out and find out what’s causing regular signal breakups between Windows 11 - Ableton Live 11 and Ableton Live 12 and Cubasis.

So far i have no exact answer, but it’s common in all tests that Cubasis is loosing the signal once within 10 to 15 Minutes. Prior to the issue i had a D-Link splitter which was splitting up the signal which has intensified the problem to breakup every 2 minutes. This is now improved by not using a Splitter at all.
My Windows 11 Workstation has no Bluetooth or WiFi emitter so the signal is moving from the Router to the PC and back in order to recive and emit WiFi signals.

There is also a big latency delay with Ableton Link from Cubasis.
What i have tested too is that i have installed AUM on my iPad Pro m2 in order to test if the same is happening, i also tested with Audiobus. And in both cases i had a breakup of the single like once in 30 minutes or so. My best guess is that Cubasis is not buffering the signal at all. AUM to my knowledge is doing that.

Besides that i have found a better solution. I have installed RTP Midi on my workstation for sending and reciving Midi signals directly over wifi. The fantastic thing is now, that i dont need Ableton Link anymore since Cubasis is able to perfectly send the Clock signals to Ableton Live on my PC. I have a latency of 2 ms in general which is like nothing. RTPMidi is really the solution. But it would be nice to have Ableton Link running with same speed in the future because in some cases it’s really a good tool. For example when i want to use my Ableton Workstation as the Main Host Daw and Cubasis as my AUV3/Halion Player for back recording.
Right now i dont have a option to receive Clock Signals for remote controling Cubasis.

Would be nice to have something similar in the settings like in Ableton for setting up the midi devices for remote and reciving/sending clock signals with target selection.

Best regards