Ableton Link not working with new update

I can’t get Ableton Link working after the new update. I have restarted both machines (the laptop with Ableton and iPad with cubasis). Not sure what’s going on here. Is Ableton Link working for you and the crew in the lab Lars?

Hi @andrewpmello

Happy New Year 2024!

Gave Ableton Link a short check syncing Cubasis 3.6 on the iPhone with Cubasis 3.6 on an Android tablet where things work as expected (enabled Sync Start/Stop on both devices, playing back a short drum loop).

Do you have more details where things fail at your end? Is Ableton Link enabled on both devices/apps?


Hi Lars,

I was able to figure it out. Ableton link does not like working on 5Ghz networks. I opened up my router settings to enable 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks separately, connected my studio computer and Ipad to the same 2.4Ghz network, disabled the firewall on my studio computer and voilà it worked! There is no fault with Cubasis, but rather my own network. I recently moved and got a new router, thus the new issue.

I am writing this solution for posterity in the tomes of the internet for those with a similar problem as mine.

As always, thank you for being responsive lars.

Unrelated Side note: Korg Gadget becoming auv3 compatible has been is a really exciting development for my Cubasis usage. One little annoyance, when I scroll down deep to select a new audio unit, I wish it saved where I was in the scroll down menu. Every time I want to audition a new instrument it brings me to the top of the Audio Unit menu and I forget where I was. Saving your spot in the scroll down should be a thing in all areas of Cubasis.

Keep up the good work!


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Hi @andrewpmello

Thanks for your updated message!

Glad to read you’ve found the solution to your problem. Thanks for sharing it with the community too!