Ableton Link Sync With Cubase

This would be so great! It’s a better protocol than ReWire and MIDI sync—rock solid and can be synced from multiple computers wirelessly. Link has been around for a couple years now. What needs to happen to make this a reality? NI Maschine, Akai MPC etc. have Link. Please make it work for Cubase also.

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I haven’t heard of it but rewire is very old now and from memory, not closing the rewired application first used to crash Cubase often. Or maybe it was the other way around, I can’t remember. Running a 32bit program to a 64 bit program and visa versa was something rewire couldn’t handle so I stopped using it years ago. If there is something better now that is good. Rewire was often a pain.

Yes, there is something better now! Also, you can Link multiple devices or computers; for example, Ableton, Maschine , MPC Live, and Cubase together. This could enable so much flexibility to jam, try ideas, all while being in sync to a Cubase project master timeline.

+1 for this.

high time Cubase had this. specially for those using MASCHINE etc

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Bump. Please for 10.5!

Yes, this is sorely needed. I’m a long time Live user that bought Cubase 10 recently and I’d love to use my Push 2 for drum programming.
Rewire isn’t going to happen because it doesn’t allow plugins or Max For Live
Midi Clock isn’t tight, nor is Timecode.
There is a Max For Live device someone made to connect Link to Timecode so that Ableton can be Link enabled whilst also being connected to a standalone Max Patch that send Timecode that you can route to Cubase, but the timing is worse than Midi clock.
Actually in that regard, timing is a little tighter having Max send timecode from another computer through a Behringer interface into my main computer with an Arturia interface than just my main computer sending timecode to itself.

All this could be moot if Steinberg incorporated Link into Cubase. I’m a 21st century computer musician. I love Live, I love Cubase and I love my iOS music apps. A LOT. They can all be synched tightly with Link. Please, Steinberg!


well put.

Double-seconded… +3

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+1 Bump
I have 6+ years/1k+ worth of 8 bar loops made with Ableton link iOS apps just waiting to be synced and rendered in Cubase. I don’t like using Ableton at all and trying to use Rewire won’t work as Ableton needs to be the rewire host for link to work along side Cubase. This is the one update I could really really use.

There is a post from 2016 asking for Link in Cubasis for iPad and it was stated from mods that is was being worked on. Has it been abandoned? I really want it for Cubase Pro 10 on windows/Mac though. Please.

Ableton Link is one of the reasons why I now mostly use Ableton Live.
I used to buy every Cubase upgrade straight away. So far I have left out the last one.
While there are some good new features, there is still no Ableton link. A pity…


+1 I wanted to incorporate some of the more interesting Max4Live stuff into my Cubase recordings, but then found that i couldn’t do this which made me pretty sad tbh…

+1 at present even Pro Tools has this…


+1 Even my nintendo switch has link


Cubase is seriously lacking in synchronization options. It can’t even be a slave to external MIDI clock (it can only send it).

Cubase 11 and still no Ableton Link. :cry:
Very sad, I was so hoping for it. :disappointed_relieved: :cry:
Of course I won’t upgrade there.
I keep waiting …
I now use Ableton Live almost exclusively.
Maybe I’ll sell my Cubase soon, a little bit of hope left for 11.5 …

Support for Link would make Cubase more valuable to me.

Link should be implemented retrospectively into older releases too. It’s free to use it’s sdk so I don’t understand why on earth it is not included. So much for innovation Steinberg hmm:/ in 2021 I believe very much needed connectivity feature like link should be there from early days!

I ll cut my balls if they do these 3 things this link sync in cubase & ableton , No more audio gap when adding plugs or vsts , and proper LFO 1/128 , 4/1 , 8/1 etc instead of 1/32 midi lfo from 1980 , SYNC like max CV.clock , but yeah if at least they do the link we can manage the clocking , but it s just a dream , instead of that they gona add shity awfull pluggins that just people dont use ! just for 99$ éhéh

Absolutely +1000 this would be brilliant!